Sunday Best: the shore

Dear reader,

What a wonderful start to February! You have shown this week’s writers and their contributions so much love, thank you.

To catch up on any pieces you may have missed:

Tuesday – Jaya Avendel

Wednesday – Ana Silva

Thursday – Candice Daquin

Friday – Ivor Steven

Saturday – Megha Sood

This week’s prompt was ‘the shore’. I received a myriad of brilliant responses but here are the top three:

Life’s travels – Claudia

A Beach Memoir by Rachael Ikins

When we were two pearls

we lay across an oyster-tongue.

Juice filled us. Teeth bracketed

us, tender, our kernels.


We rode that tongue, 

crusted shell, lavender world,



Sea spray, sun sheeted

sky mauve. Gull swooped, dove,

striated stripes blue, gray-veined,


and pearl,  we  plummeted

through storm-clouds

to break upon granite strand.

Laughter, the way of scavengers.

Empty shards, strewn pearls,


silent tongue. Story scribed

across sky, swooping black scratches,

disappearing ink. Explosion, epilogue.

Nobody to remember.

Submissions will close soon as there are only two spots remaining! See and follow the guidelines if you have a piece you would like considered for February.

Happy writing!


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