We are waves – Ana Silva

We are waves of different oceans

Colliding with the sand at shore,

Reverberating different sounds:

You echo the laughter of freedom,

I, the cry of those who think they’re lost.


Gods of wars and nature have never seen

The talent, the misguiding act,

A mischief behaviour of water and heart,

Settling to challenge with such an art

The course of action, changing the math

Against the moon, the years and the seasons

Defying every single unconceivable reason

To find another wave lost amidst another sea,

To find a place where we could solemnly be

Without having to reach out for an explanation,

A way out of an endless miscommunication

Setting apart our hearts from what’s theirs and ours

Counting the minutes and the hours

For it to be finally true, for us to be me and you.


Defying gravity sounds easier to me now

For we have lost the ground,

There’s no sand above the water

Only thunder and storms of crying gods in hunger;

Against us we have all the odds

And we shall remain to be the same

Distant waves in different seas

Wishing, whispering, dreaming of you and me…



Ana Silva is passionate about books and music, holds a strong belief for love and adores chocolate. She finds solace in her writing and her works are inspired by life experiences.
You can find more about her work at www.ittakescourageandlotsofchocolate.wordpress.com

Image by Ed White from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “We are waves – Ana Silva

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