Sunday Best: interred

Dear reader,

I hope your new year has begun as you had hoped. If not, I send you both strength and hope.

Many of the pieces published this week have received a tremendous amount of love but if you haven’t read them yet, you can catch up below:

Tuesday – Nicholas Gagnier

Wednesday – Gabriela M.

Thursday – John W. Leys

Friday – Jonathan O’ Farrell

Saturday – Barbara Leonhard


This week’s prompt was ‘interred’ and here are three wonderful responses:

Discolored past – Phillip Knight Scott

Under Morpheus watchful eyes – RedCat

interred – L.E.

meaningless time
the tocking of
the ticking clock

swaddled soul
bound and interred
obsolete and unstirred

watching from within
eyes wide shut – frozen
awaiting moments – unspoken



Submissions for January remain open – there are 9 spaces left for contributing writers. Please ensure you follow FVR’s guidelines.

Happy writing!


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