Battle Cry – L. E.

The deafening war cry
of my own pulse pounding in my ears –
my heart rapping its frenzied cadence
against the cage of my ribs.

Forgotten cigarette curling smoke
around a drained wine glass –
as my body sinks below the frothing bubbles
into the sanctum of scalding water.

Pinked flesh disguising an anaemic soul;
flushed and fevered cheeks –
intravenous alcoholic transfusion;
hooded eyes too bright.

Disconnection –
Suspended animation.
Tasting colors and hearing textures.
Not of this world – thrust upon this earth.

I hear the beating of the war drums;
the ceaseless call to arms –
the hammering of my heart,
as it seeks to free the beast.


L.E. is a recently divorced mother of two who basically never finished a damn thing in her life. She writes because she must, it stills the unquenchable thirst of the demons inside of her. She shares it with others so that it may feed theirs. When she’s not battling her demons, she’s out among the living earning one, as a supervisor for a road construction company, informally called paint striping (not to be confused with stripping because that would be weird).

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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