Appearance – Devika Mathur

I carry generations of memories and mementoes

the unmade bed which once remained futile

I call myself by names like “Spring” “Autumn” “Rain”

the Earth : precisely.

together in my compromise,

lights on a cave wall

often a soil that is way too parched,


I walk here,

on the barren land of lonesome despair

knitting  a quiet dream of my irrevocable silence,

The air never sits on my lap,

it touches my throat and sinks vehemently

as if I am the injured summer


With me, the garden creaks of rain,

with laughter and daughters

and so I carry promises of diluted hope

I am the Earth,

no sap and no color,

a nameless child of an unforgettable father.



let love be the light

let the air be printed by the leaf shadow

and I shall sniff the appearance

pouring light into the void

fifty feet into the air.


Devika Mathur resides in India and is a published poet, writer. Her work has been published in Madras Courier, Dying Dahlia Review, Pif MagazineSpillwords, Duane’s PoetreePiker PressMojave heart reviewWhisper and the Roar amongst various others. She is the founder of surreal poetry website “Olive skins” and writes for

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

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