The heart of silence—I feel your never-

ending beating as the drops from heaven,

the lights are flowing out all around us 

from the heart of the rain this morning, 

flowing out through my memories, 

right into my silent mind and I feel, 

our silence is what our freedom is, 

and our freedom is what our ideal is, 

our ideal is what our life is, and our life 

is what our heart is—my treasure of silence.

I am a tri-lingual Georgian/American award-winning poet and novelist, multimedia artist. I am writing in English and in Georgian, (also in Russian). I left Georgia for a political reason two years ago. I am living and working in New York City. 
My poem The Heart of the Wind was named June’s Publication of the Month, voted on by the members and readers of Spillwords Press Magazine, on June 30, 2019.

My works have been published and anthologized in many collections of poetry and prose in the US, UK, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, India, Bangladesh. 

My first book-length work in English, a novel All the World’s Mysteries, is forthcoming in USA in spring 2020 from Mad Hat Press and also my first  book-length work in English, a poetry Eastern Star, is forthcoming in USA in summer 2020 from Adelaide Books.

Image by ValeriaLu from Pixabay

One thought on “THE LIGHTS ARE FLOWING – David Dephy

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