Out of the ocean – Michael Starr

Time can tell how the waves caress my ego

When I am on the shore looking for a good rub

The sea is change

The sea is the major to a minor chord

And the foam is the strumming of the mandolin

In this, the one with the garbage patch,

Ecosystems thrive and darkness contains lanternfish

Little glowing things twiddling their tentacles

Wriggling their tiny bodies

From carbon, to carbohydrates, to cell walls, to mitochondria

Up the chain

Out of the ocean

We climb, like zombies

For a breath of fresh air



Michael Starr is a biologist by day and a poet by night and has been previously published in BlazeVox &c. He lives in the Bay Area with his family.

One thought on “Out of the ocean – Michael Starr

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