aRound – Daniela Marin

Rasping blades, the cruel savage wields without a word

in a world of fearless anger.

Birds still sing and fly and nest.


Ravening reasons of ruination with the power of his thought,

the old child rambles through words.

Forests paint and sing and waltz.


Round around the deepest roots, deeds of riot’s rampage grow,

drawn in circles by old rulers.

Sands still roll and shine and wave.


Rising through the thistles’ roughness of the darkest bloody rust,

the old healer’s chanting vowels.

Rivers flow and change and cleanse.


Innocence and pure kindness shines in rays throughout his chest,

piercing the world’s unrest.

Humans strive and learn their best.

©Daniela Marin

Daniela Marin is a poet from Romania. She has published three poetry books and three other volumes of short prose, fiction&interview and theatre. She only began writing poems in English recently, and is currently working on a new poetry volume written in English titled “Parentheses”.

Her poems can be found on: 

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