Together a Tapestry – V.J. Knutson

Across the miles, our words

convene, threads of our lives

intertwining to form a tapestry.


Stories of sorrow and kindness,

humanity restored –

of observation and empathy

of inspiration through resonance

of brilliance and artistry.


Each thread as colourful

as another, delicately added,

thoughtful musings.


Of generations and legacies,


contributing to tragedy,

of infatuation and love’s fallacy,

of childhood and noses in books

and entanglements leading

to ultimate change..


How vivid the imagery,

how poignant the messages

how loss creates connection,

and youth’s folly sorrow,

and how darkness, deeply felt

surrenders to soul’s magnitude.


We come together across the miles

our words, like threads guiding us,

love our searchlight, higher ground

our common goal –

together, as a tapestry.

Life throws me challenges and I create. Writing, painting, and photography have helped me recreate myself after illness stripped me of a career teaching.

I have 2 blogs:
one woman’s
Instagram: 1womansquest
Twitter:  @Vjknutson
Have been published in 3 anthologies, several women’s journals, and various online publications.

8 thoughts on “Together a Tapestry – V.J. Knutson

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