How Do I Heal – The Mush from the Hill

All I ever wanted

Was to make you proud

Do the right thing

And show you the best of me


Only ever wanting your love

Always hoping for a smile

The touch of your hand

The caress or your arms


But you only watched

For my failings

You only showed me

Your contempt


What was I to you?

Who was I?

After so long

Where did I go wrong?


Now you’re gone

And I’m nothing

Left with only my shadow

Left a nobody


How do I heal from this?

Trying without success

What seemed to be right, gone!

As quickly as the door shutting


Still I try


Still I hope

Losing faith


How do I heal?



John is a Welsh Poet from the coastal city of Swansea in South Wales. His inspiration has come from many aspects of his life and the beauty of his local surroundings. He also likes to add a little imagination for good measure. You can read more of John’s work at The Mush from the Hill.

4 thoughts on “How Do I Heal – The Mush from the Hill

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