The last of your wishes – Daniela Marin

Where the signs from the sky undulate the water 

(reflections of infinite dreams)

where waters keep hidden the first touch of the earth

(alpha and omega in pairs of the flesh) 

where the earth holds fire in every single stone

(volcanic feelings- unlearned for common hearts)

unravelling the greens of magic in this world

(in rainbows of conception- oaths of the given spark),

there you sent me to bare the last of your wishes

(to the end of the life, to the gate of the souls)

into a south of beginnings lent to the ends

(a door to the spirit and key to unlock)

the ocean of peace, a Pacific of hope 

(the wonder of the world you dreamt of touching with your voice).

Into this ocean I gathered the light that shines beyond this world. 



©Daniela Marin

Daniela Marin is a poet from Romania. She has published three poetry books and three other volumes of short prose, fiction&interview and theatre. She only began writing poems in English recently, and is currently working on a new poetry volume written in English titled “Parentheses”.

Her poems can be found on: 

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