A Delirious Recollection of a Winter Walk – B.M.H

The chill of winter

has commandeered my bodily ship

and I crave the warmth

of a veiled sun.


I like the way the winter light

shimmies down the spidery limbs

of these hibernating spinsters

and lands in pale moon-puddles

upon stale yellow crisps.


And the way the earth

is cold

within my marrow

and my tendons tilt vertically

with the fast decay

of the great, golden orb.


Even the warbler perched

on a limb

sings off-key

in this place.


I stare down these timber monkeys.

They tell me

I am the poison berry

I hang off the tips

of holly trees.

in-between those scaly leaves.


The red one

the kind that stains your mind

and makes your incisors bleed.


Dare I sit still


to these barren giants?


The panting of the wind

as it braids through gnarled

old knuckle-trunks

whisking the scent

of archaic clay?


Dare I rummage the pages

of this ancestral novel

as I ponder my place

in this plateau of constellations?


My fingers, like stalactites

dangling from hard-wired twigs

grasping at Old Man Winter.


Time to climb into soil.


To undress

beneath paralyzed brush.


To disappear

into the depths of decay.


Little person

in a hardwood vault.




2 thoughts on “A Delirious Recollection of a Winter Walk – B.M.H

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