The Growl – Rachel Finch

Healing is chaotic.

It takes courage and faith in our own strength.

When we are afraid to feel, we block our ability to heal.

Our wounds may be gaping, but there is beauty in the struggle,

beauty in each scar, power in growing through distress.

Healing will crash down those walls we built and force us to rummage around in our own soul.

Healing is violent and intense.

We cannot rush recovery, but we can learn to face our fears and

fall in love with the truth of who we are.

Our bodies may be delicate, but our spirit is fierce.

Unleash the growl.

Rachel is a UK based writer that originally started using poetry as a way to accurately express herself after a number of traumatic experiences in her young life. She is the founder of the online community Bruised But Not Broken which was started with the purpose to raise awareness of abuse and trauma and to provide a place of comfort and support throughout the healing process. She firmly believes that it was with the support of this community that she was able to recover from sexual abuse. Rachel is mother to four young children and dedicates her time to her family and to guiding others on their own healing journey.

You can find Rachel on Facebook and WordPress at Bruised But Not Broken.

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