8 thoughts on “October Writing Prompt #1

  1. Waves of Need

    Our journey may be different
    Our needs evolve over time
    Our wants fluctuate
    Sometimes leaving behind troubled waters

    Like the flow of the ocean, hard and consuming, it can leave us submerged
    During the emotional storms we often struggle just to remain afloat

    When the waters are calm and serene we sink blindly into the unknown dangers below the surface
    This isn’t the way your life has to go

    Our deep buried emotions can attempt to drown us temporarily or teach us to swim forever

    The water, like our emotions, can be misleading
    Our view can be distorted depending on where we currently stand
    The terror is frightening if your desperately treading water in the sea
    The warm, sweet, & blissful release of comfort and security is only realized once you make it to the beach

    Realization crashing against the sand of our circumstance
    It’s your journey
    It’s your life, in your hands
    Sometimes we need to reach out and that is where strength comes in

    The weight of the ocean will only leave you treading water
    That’s not a place you can sustain, only staying afloat until the weight of the pain is too intense

    The ocean’s current below you working to pull you in, like the negativity you have deep within

    So many are standing just on the sand, waiting, offering and willing to give you a hand
    You only need to take that chance grab it

    We each need assistance at some point
    For someone to encourage, validate and tell us we can, we are and save us from drowning in the flood of emotions

    Strength comes when you don’t have many other options, so let is save you
    from life’s waves of high tides and sinking further in the lows.



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  3. The water comes,
    after another…
    and another…

    When’s my chance to breathe?
    Without the hormones of survival.
    I get a glimpse of reflections of the lunar sky,
    Beautiful, but the waves envy me when I look at her.
    Is this what love is?
    Constant crashing with a dose of peace?
    A recipe for disaster, with a hint of sweet.

    My lungs adapt,
    I no longer feel the crash,
    The waves,
    Now caress me while I lay,
    On the surface, and to my dismay,
    The moon is new.
    Waves of tears from my ocean eyes,
    As I search for you.
    In this endless body and unknown world.
    Find me lost,
    At the bosom of these ocean swirls

    I lay with ships that met demise
    Wrecked without you,
    I stare into the siren’s eyes,
    I continue to sink to,
    This seafloor,
    Where I lay to rest
    We’ll meet again in this vast and moving coffin,
    ‘Till its death,
    Love is ocean water as its moving often

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