Monster – Kristiana Reed

With those stars in your eyes

you see glamour in my dark heart,

you’re blinded by the glitter of night,

the purple circles –

sleepless nights and selfish battles.


You call me purgatory,

sin wearing labels, bearing crosses

from your past life.

I am an escape to you,

something at which to gawk

and stare at behind glass;

watching how I flit in darkness,

a captivating menace.

But all I am, monster

of cliff-edges, bridges,

train tracks, bathroom mirrors,

beds, forests and rivers,

is fear.

I am not a beautiful beast –

do not fall in love with me.


I am the sweat in your pores,

the lines around your eyes,

the creak on your stairs,

the damp in your walls,

the palpitations tingling

in every nerve ending.


I am blood.

I am skin.

I am a monster

because I am more human

than demon.



From Between the Trees

Kristiana Reed is a writer and an English Teacher living in the UK. She is the creator of My Screaming Twenties on WordPress and she recently released her debut poetry collection, Between the Trees. Her work has been published in several poetry anthologies (Swear To Me, All The Lonely People, We Will Not Be Silenced), in the feminist issue of MAELSTROM Zine and the inaugural issue (flight) from Nightingale and Sparrow. 

Social media handles:

Instagram: @kristianamst

Facebook: @myscreamingtwenties

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