September Writing Prompt #1

The top three responses will be shared this Sunday coming; so you have plenty of time to write and share your inspired piece in the comments below.

Happy writing!



8 thoughts on “September Writing Prompt #1

  1. Just a quick ditty:

    Storm Clouds
    How you dance and play
    And pass the time away

    As you roll over the sky
    Way, way, way up high

    When you know the time is right
    How you rumble with all you’re might

    The rain comes pouring down
    With lightening all around

    But it’s not long before
    You’ve done enough, no more

    And you carry on your way
    Until you’re ready for another day

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  2. Dreams of You

    Dreaming of sunsets
    Next to you
    Dreaming of nights
    Where all my fantasies come true
    Dreaming of storm clouds
    Shielded by you
    Dreaming of kisses
    Imprinted by you
    Dreaming of stars
    Watched with you
    Dreaming of sunshine
    Shared with you
    Dreaming of laughter
    Provoked by you
    Dreaming of comfort
    Provided by you

    A million dreams
    All include you

    That they all come true


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