Sunday Best: End of August

Dear reader,

I have decided the Sunday Best posts are going to change a little. I want to share the top three responses to the weekly writing prompt but also remind you of the work shared on FVR in the same week (just in case you missed it!).

From September, Sunday Best will be more of a weekly round up and writing prompts shall now be published every Monday (instead of Thursday), to give you plenty of time to write a response and share it with me.

I am overwhelmed with how many of you read and wish to contribute each month. This community is so positive, supportive and welcoming and it is an honour to edit this blog each month for your viewing pleasure. But, without further ado, here is the weekly round up for the final week of August.

Pieces you may have missed this week:

Monday – Daniela Marin

Tuesday – Kristiana Reed (yes, I just referred to myself in the third person)

Wednesday – Haania Amir Waheed

Friday – Kindra M. Austin

Saturday – HLR


Responses to this week’s writing prompt: 


three sun girl – mb

Hope – mistyroadsblog

Taylor Grace:

Her eyes no longer brimmed with tears, but hope filled her vision
Hope for better days
Hope for words spoken
She had been silent for far too long
It was time
Time to embrace the rights and wrongs
Settle into herself
Find comfort in the peace
Celebrate the strength from the pain
It was her time to emerge
Leave the darkness behind
Feet planted firmly
Sunshine on her face
This was the moment
Lifetime of waiting
She finally realized
She was
She is
She always was
More than most
She found her place
Writing the words
Stepping boldly into a new day
A smile on her face


FVR’s new theme, Melancholy, begins tomorrow with the first writing prompt of the month. Submissions are still open. 

Happy writing!



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