Before you spoke – Daniela Marin

A sparkling flash exploded into petals 

right in the middle of your yellow eyes-

black holes, the multiverse’s doors          

unlocked the spiralling allure,

absorbed my light

into the nothingness of life. 


Arising from unknown altars 

the silky petals touched my blooming soul.

An instant flash of love the light restored 

in muddy fields of mind encaging your heart- 

an instant of the truth imbued in your lightless world. 


 I had the chance to see the spark before you spoke. 



Daniela Marin is a poet from Romania. She has published three poetry books and three other volumes of short prose, fiction&interview and theatre. She only began writing poems in English recently, and is currently working on a new poetry volume written in English titled “Parentheses”.

Her poems can be found on:

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