Sycophant – Gabriela M.

It rains letters of your name. The name of a sycophant. 

Poisoned waters gave birth to a worm. What? Are you digging now at the foundation of my fortress?  Your cherries taste lead. Your flowers smell rotten eggs.  

The world does not speak your language, didn’t you notice? 

Who, him? Oh, he is my love. Too noble not to bestow upon me the right to fight you by myself. You will never be him. 

I can strangle your infatuation, yet that would be too easy. Therefore, I’ll let you sink into the sulphurous waters of your own envy until you can’t breathe anymore. Eunuch at the gates of the harem – I mean that figuratively for I don’t know it for a fact – raising odes to the Pasha and secretly hoping that one day…perhaps … you know what I mean.

You can’t take down my fortress.  My fortress speaks all languages and knows all sufferings. My fortress knows love. At the sunrise, we inscribe the tasks of the day on its walls. At the sunset, our tired arms rock our children. Our spiritual children. In my fortress blood is thin. Love is thick.  

You are nothing but the poison of your sycophantic obsessions. 

The world does not speak your language, didn’t you notice?

You have no chance.  



Gabriela M.: Gabriela M. is a US university professor and author of three novels. Her poetry was published by Spillwords Press, STRAWZINE (London), Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, Vita Brevis, Indian Periodical, Gioielli Rubati Poetry:32 (translated in Italian by Flavio Almerighi), Tuck Magazine, KashmirPen, “Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen,” Literary Yard, and Proletaria. She was selected “Author of the Month” (April 2019) at Spillwords. Her work was included in the anthology America’s Emerging Poets Southeast Region (Z Publishing House, 2018). Christina Schwarz, the author of the New York Times Bestseller “Drowning Ruth,” on Gabriela’s poetry: “With lush language and lavish imagery, Gabriela M. evokes a fantastic world ripe with emotion.”

5 thoughts on “Sycophant – Gabriela M.

  1. Beautiful as always Gabriella. Congratulations. I am letting people know I am on a break indefinitely. After a month I popped my head up. Here I am. I will pop in once in a while. Don’t feel that I am ignoring you it is that life has taken me in a new direction. Congratulations again.

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