Sunday Best: Truth or chance

Truth or chance – mistyroadsblog


A play on a worldwide stage

No longer a gamble,

A chance,

It’s a fabrication,


Written cheaply

And spoken in silk

Truth or Lies?

The line is distorted,


A casual risk,

Authenticated by strangers

That gets easier in its retelling,

Foolish lips that hunger for

Truths in believable lies

And the cost?

Long forgotten.

Like the weather

The narratives we tell,

A five percent chance of truth.

Copyright ©RMC August 2019

Truth or chance – mb


my heart

tumble it

beating for you

gamble take the risk don’t make me wait long

Russian roulettes corner me black on red

kiss me where it

hurts me more

then go



lip deep

i love you

not today dare

to be a fool you might win the game prize

i’m willing to pawn my life for a mere

cold twist of fate

we might find

that we


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