I still love Alexandria – Manisha Chummun

I often catch myself laughing alone in awkward places,
In a queue at the grocery store.
Our nutty conversations bubble up of all sudden.
After which I can conclude that I am just a hapless creature
With chockablock feelings for a girl who isn’t anymore.
I will be roaming the streets of Alexandria alone
It doesn’t matter anymore.
I always viewed the antique city from a distance.
I simply never expected someone would unlock the gates of Alexandria to allow me in
the way you did.
I might come across you again,
Or I’d rather say; someone who looks exactly like you but who has nothing to do with
the Reeya I met on my 28th birthday.
No worries,
I won’t even flounce a waving hand
You moved on
I won’t seep into your sphere.
Like Cleopatra’s kingdom,
Nothing lasts forever.
But Alexandria is …
still hers
still yours,
The ancient city I do not wish to dissociate from you.



Manisha currently works as a web content editor for a French company in Mauritius. Her poems are part of a series called “Mein Aha-Erlebnis”. 

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