Strange(r) – HLR

You’ll never be a stranger to me

I know you too intimately

And yet we sit

                       Me with a new lover
                         (here at this table)

                                         You with another
                                       (there at that table)

Sep                 a                  rate               ly

So                   very                   separately

And we pretend

              [that years weren’t spent
              that promises weren’t kept
              that we never shared a bed
              that we never planned to wed]

That we’ve never met

                 That You don’t know Me
                 (sitting here, behind You)

                            And I don’t know You
                            (sitting there, in front of Me)

And maybe that’s true to some extent

So much time has passed

And yeah, we didn’t last,

But you’ll never be a stranger to me

                 [because some memories
                 are impossible to delete
                 and, wherever you are, near or far,
                 you still make my heart dance fast]

And I’ll never be a stranger to you

Tabula rasa would be impossible

After all that we’ve been through



HLR is a 20-something writer of creative non-fiction, mainly short prose and poetry. She writes about challenging subjects (such as mental illness, addiction, suicide and grief) with brutal honesty and British droll. Her gritty confessional style is one that could only be acquired through years of psychological anguish and too much time in the pub. HLR was born and raised in north London, and is yet to escape. Recent publications can be found here. Read more at

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