Disparate Convergence – Oldepunk

I came in through the back door

Time spilling out of my mind

I was no longer you, nor you; me

And gone of course

Were three

lights no longer shown

No sign of what I’d known

As the earth shuddered

I heard her desperate groan

I searched fair night’s sky

with raven’s eye

To find nothing of my own

When I walked back out

Through the front door

I found myself upon sands of a different shore

You were me and I was you

There was only us two

Two moons and a sun

Had undone

What I had suspected

we could become

If we had not been


Of you and me,

I found no sign.

I left out the back door

Walking right into no one,

clocks chime same as before

time has become foreign.

I implore

do not ask for more

not for you, not for me, not for us


An old punk trying to make sense of what I see and hear and think and feel. Words pulled from the ether. Sanely mad, mildly insane.  Introverted agoraphobic explorer. Hockey, gaming and food junkie (snob).

Editor, Contributor and supporter of Sudden Denouement, a literary collective.

Editor and contributor of Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

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