(UN)TIMELY – Bojana Stojcic

what the hell are you 

are you real or unreal

tensed or tenseless

best before or never ending

don’t torture me any more

tell me

i know it’d be easier to be an animal

and live in a continual present

with no why’s and what if’s

or be immortal so he and i could

love each other throughout centuries 

only lovers left alive

alone and forever

linear or cyclical, i wouldn’t care

just not temporal (I hate temporal)

i wish you were just ours to share

uncounted and unmeasured

permanent like rivers flowing to the sea

like space where everything is in its place

instead, you unplugged us

you cut us short and turned us 

into a hardened lava flow

damn you for leaving me wondering

(eternally or with an expiry date? Tell me!)

Bojana Stojcic writes and bites, like a lot, so try not to piss her off. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. She has her work published in over ten lit mags but about that some other time.  In the meantime, you can find her here (https://bloggingwithbojana.com). Her blog has been private for a while because she doesn’t want to be harassed any longer and sleeps better this way. You just need to ask for permission to enter her world. So, why don’t you ask her? You waiting for an invitation or what?


15 thoughts on “(UN)TIMELY – Bojana Stojcic

      1. I could tell: doesn’t drip from your silver pen, but pours like an acid (take two cubes and call God in the morning) over a willing and wanton waterfall. My pleasure Bojana, the reading and the reblogging thereof.

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