FOIS – Candice Daquin



we are flowers closing drowsy lipid heads

pink underbellies, coloring innocent

silvery dark winking in, winking out

tracing lost lines within your curves

language made of open mouths

sleep, why sleep? When warm day light

spills through closed curtains in

gentle intrude, glimmering against

the russet within you.



our breathing is a temple

holding peace in shivered place

her forehead marked with indelible print

of my hand pushing back clock hands

sheets enfold and come apart

sweat of a girl, is now a music

roses lose the last of their first blush

soon to renew in consuming summer storm

you are electric

as I am earth and water

triangle breasts rising with unveiling smile

needful of proximity

we sail on bow of gentle joy

creating wind necessary to journey.



remember how fleet, dancers exiting stage right

spread their fingers in flim flam 

made themselves disappear? Recreating

magic, their  sinuous forms retreating in

drum beat and smoke, hold a mirror

to test durability of lipstick

see one, from the corner of your eye

like a moth caught against

thin prison of a hot bulb

just for a moment

blink, and they’re gone.



holding you to my chest feeling the 

rapidity of your heart like a virus

you cannot undo hours spent intertwined

any more than deny

this blood, this memory placed on

charcoal pages,  lit with every intention

you seek to burn my edges until I surrender

to the bonfire of your need in seeking 

to vanquish existence outside our mortal china

still we are, still we were

as time will fool the blunder with

seeming repetition; yet look closely

this year has subtle difference

you did not have those smile lines

quite so deeply, I think the feel of your

skin warm under cardigan sleeve

has captured day’s infernal heat as

we go in, our dusty shoes flung off and

bare footed climb wooden stairs to

lie still, striped of artifice, beneath rafters

staring through

convex glass, as night winds her watch

forward and wonder sinks into her

peach lit dream

To read more of Candice Louisa Daquin’s work – The Feathered Sleep and at Whisper and The Roar. You can also follow her Facebook – Candice Louisa Daquin The Feathered Sleep.


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