Invocation – John De Gruyther

Do you remember when the sun saved his life 

When it literally saved a soul

Warmed his bones, and brought him home

Sat on the deck chair feeling nowhere but the sun called him on

Do you remember when the light lifted his eyes, to the skies

it revived and helped him survive 

He ran for miles, round and round, creating the circle of protection around their house and around their mortal stones


Circle me, Lord,

keep protection near

and danger afar.


The words heard within, from above, below, a mantra, an invocation, a prayer for the salvation of his humble soul 



©John de Gruyther 2019

John is an author, poet, songwriter and visual artist. He has delusions of grandeur and wishes he was Johan Cruyff. John has worked with Titan Publishing, Star Trek Magazine, The Guardian, LSG Media, The Citizen, SFX magazine and many more. You can read more of his work at The World Outside the Window.

John has also just released his first collection of poems.


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