Sunday Best: Where I Belong

Enjoy our top three responses to this week’s writing prompt.


Where I Belong – Candice Daquin

Where I belong

Tears off

Like holiday wrapping, no present within

A skeleton box

Sans keys

No map

Where then?

We make our own


I have

Not ( doneaverygoodjobofthat)

Tick too time


Can you hear?

Running down

9ne day it will no longer be


To admit being lost

It is already


Where do any of us belong?

If severed from care

Like a kite loses owner

And catching a sudden wind

Seems momentarily free

Though it is


An illusion.

Woven – RMC (mistyroadsblog)

Ah, where do I belong?

Oh traitorous soul,

In this page turning of self

And loathing.

Where made up words

Fell mighty oaks

In between the listless and the broken.

Ah, where do I belong?

Wanting more than empty boxes

And fallow, vacant songs

That can’t be sung.

Their five minute rhymes

Of paper thin lives

That die in print before they’re fully spoken.

Ah, where do I belong?

With the Golems and the shades

That walk between the cracks

And all the flaws,

To heed the world in colours

And touch the sky with stars

And ink the page with all the years not woven.

Copyright ©RMC Feb 2019

No Matter Where I Wander – Poetry From The Inkwell

i find comfort

in soft whispers

lingering on walls

holding each one of

my precious yesterdays

framed by hands

whose still fingers

ceased to seek warmth

many years ago

still, their souls

peer through eyes

that follow me

from room to room

reminding me

that this is where

i was conceived



and likely

where i will


i find comfort

in knowing

deeper than anything

that no matter

where i wander

this is

where i belong

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


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