February Writing Prompt #1

It’s Free Thought Thursday and this week’s writing prompt is Where I Belong. 

Respond with poetry or short prose by linking your post in the comments below.

The top three responses (taken from WordPress and Facebook) are shared every Sunday.



4 thoughts on “February Writing Prompt #1

  1. Where I belong
    Tears off
    Like holiday wrapping, no present within
    A skeleton box
    Sans keys
    No map
    Where then?
    We make our own
    I have
    Not ( doneaverygoodjobofthat)
    Tick too time
    Can you hear?
    Running down
    9ne day it will no longer be
    To admit being lost
    It is already
    Where do any of us belong?
    If severed from care
    Like a kite loses owner
    And catching a sudden wind
    Seems momentarily free
    Though it is
    An illusion.

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