Homecoming – Candice Daquin

The month they took my words away

It was a mild green winter

Even parakeets chose to stay

Pruning on yet shorn limbs, stray with wandering

Even cars turning into the cul-de-sac where I had roosted

But not made home

Seemed to slow and let themselves dream

In the purr of uneventuality

I could smell that reminder of you

In every crevice I washed in earnest

No scrub removed the memory

I sought to drown

Recollection is a green parrot

Inexplicably at your window

Like you had submerged our years

Beneath hard unyielding water

Stepped away, light and unburdened

A school nurse told me once

When I explained my belief, vaccinations were unhealthy

That I was simply regurgitating the foolish liberal notions of parents

Filling my head with unpicked flowers

I wanted to tell her

No those were not my parents and that was not my history

But if you go to a festooned seaside town

That few visit between winter months

Where like a tired actor she has removed her face and let her hair loose

Try not to let the scream of bleak dreary colors

Rolling like tight shoes and children’s marbles down empty piers

Leach your faith

Go to the house with a pinched shop beneath

Selling discount women’s coats in brindle and russet

Find the fur coat, I think it was real, and look beneath

The child who sits with her legs crossed

Too big glasses, too small to know

That well

She will tell you, I never mimicry

I’m not minor bird

Nor extrovert rhododendron lolling her head for photos

I’m gluing shells to my grandmother’s wooden box

We’re going to stuff with letters to mermaids

And when they take her to the sanatorium

She’ll bequeath me her mannequin with the words

Sew straight and fearless, child

Make the clothes stand up for themselves

Even as we crumple

Nobody will be able to tell

Beneath the starched sense of it all



To read more of Candice Louisa Daquin’s work – The Feathered Sleep and at Whisper and The Roar. You can also follow her Facebook – Candice Louisa Daquin The Feathered Sleep.


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