All Together Now – Nicholas Gagnier

This poem is from Nicholas Gagnier’s latest poetry collection All The Lonely People which is available on Amazon.

All Together Now

I started out singular,

far from the plural as one

could ever hope to be.


I wrote apologies, anthologies,

narratives I remember

calling timeless, but are

now my psoriasis.



rarely find a diamond in the trash, no matter how long you fast to make it so. You can’t throw out what you don’t appropriate, hone what you hate or improve what you’ve labelled perfect.


It was

in these verses, I tried to be self-sufficient, and yet,

time as a mistress does not age well with ghosts.


It was

in this form of worship,

I found there’s fractures,

cracks in

the aperture

of solitude, taking pictures of

ropes around the rafters,

hangman’s knots in happily

ever after my

mental welfare had



I went out in the world,

and I found you


If only to help the

saddest poems and darkest songs

give us a place to all belong.


All together now,

we are wordsmiths and this

is what we’ll always do.


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