Spring Thaw – Eric Syrdal


I don’t see the sun very often
get up in the morning in the dark
make my way down
under the mountain
into the hard earth

I take out the cold lumps of shadow
and send them back up to the light
when I finally drag my tired and aching corpse
from the deepest of holes
the stars are lookin down on my ragged march
by lantern
in twilight hours

lately the crunch
of dead leaves and frost
has given way
to the heavy thump of my boots
on the rain-soaked earth
mossy stones line my way
and the sound of mockin birds an whip-er-wills
have returned to the mountainside

I don’t see the sun very often
….’cept on sunday mornin….
when I sit
in the back of that chapel house
a blasphemous wretch
with the good book laid to rest
near my lap

‘cuz I see her

The sun sits
in the second row of pews
with her dark brown hair
a’fallin from that blue satin bow

Her hands are folded
and those big blue eyes of hers
are watchin the preacher
talking about sin and damnation

but I don’t hear none of that shit

Cuz I’d sure enough jump straight into the pit o’hell
to spend a minute
sharin the view with her
the devil can wait

tomorrow night’s the spring thaw

The boys been knocking together
those planks and poles
so folks can stomp their feet and clap their hands

and those new ‘lectric lights
they’ll light up that clearing
in the woods
like midday

and I’ll be in my daddy’s
old coat and tie
put a blade to my face for the first time
in a couple’a’years

and maybe she’ll smile
and maybe she’ll laugh
and maybe we’ll tear up that wooden floor
like a summer storm coming down
from the peaks

and maybe I’ll twirl her
and maybe she’ll lose her balance
and maybe I’ll catch her

and maybe we’ll fall



Eric Syrdal is an independent poet/author. He’s an avid gamer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy literature and spends a great deal of his writing time focused in those genres. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with wife and two children.  You can read more Eric’s writing at My Sword and Shield….


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