Tomorrow – Rachel Finch


There’s a cigarette hanging

from her lips, a little swollen,

blue and purple,

hand painted crimson

to remind her, today

was a new beginning.


The ashtray is overflowing,

she leans over it,

knocks the ash into a glass

of whiskey, picks up another

and leans into it.


Music is blaring,

she’s moving

the top half of her body

to the beat, resting the lower,

jelly legs, fuzzy feet.


She locks eyes with the girl

across the room,

she’s talking in someone else’s ear,

she tries to lip read,

sees the exchange, mouths,

“Today was a new beginning,

is it yesterday again?”


She watches the girl’s hand

float its way to her mouth,

sewing a button of before

onto her tongue,

hurts inside to understand

and debates the same.


The thump of the beat

pulsates into her

and she’s glad of it

when the others enter the room.


Someone’s shouting,

but it’s easier not to listen

with the pounding

and she turns the tone

of their voices into lyrics.


She sinks into the sofa,

lets go, rolls her head

to the side and looks up.

The girl across the room

is being sick in the corner,

tears streaming,

someone else’s fist

flying a cannon back and forth

into her stomach.


Her heart is thumping,

she can taste the sounds

of discomfort

in the back of her throat

and she’s shooting back in time

to every yesterday

that started as a new

beginning and end.



Rachel is a UK based writer that originally started using poetry as a way to accurately express herself after a number of traumatic experiences in her young life. She is the founder of the online community Bruised But Not Broken which was started with the purpose to raise awareness of abuse and trauma and to provide a place of comfort and support throughout the healing process. She firmly believes that it was with the support of this community that she was able to recover from sexual abuse. Rachel is mother to four young children and dedicates her time to her family and to guiding others on their own healing journey.

You can find Rachel on Facebook and WordPress at Bruised But Not Broken.


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