Sunday Best: Letting Go

Enjoy our top three responses to this week’s writing prompt.



Decluttering Sadness – Welcome to my mind

My name is sadness.

We know each other well.

Today I’ve been nesting.

I’ve been in your cupboard, the one under the stairs, haunted by the ghost town of your life.

I put on old songs and found fragments, litter, so many broken shards. Old photographs of friends, abandoned in their frames.

A box of precious love notes.

A watch stuck on some unknown time, given to you by your father.

That reminds me, where is he now?

A trickle tear as you cradle the watch in your mind.

Oh! Yes, I’m pleased you noticed! I’m wearing that sweater, the one you were wearing when you kissed your first love goodbye.

You and I have discussed this.

These items are relics. Your only connection to your past.

Those days gone, you can never get them back.

Put this sweater on, inhale it, walk with me down the lane where you once existed without me. We we will cry memories as we go. Lingering at bittersweet turns.

Don’t worry, when we’re finished I’ll put all these things away for you.

We’ll come back again soon.

I am not ready for you to let go just yet.


Letting Go – Amy

I’ve never been one to let anything go…I’ll break it down inch by inch to try to make sense of things.  I’ll go through blaming myself to blaming the moon.  I’ll throw fits of rage kicking the sand and screaming at the waves, then I’ll sit in quiet depression.  I’ll go back and forth with my thoughts until I can no longer think.  I’ll stay up all night writing what I think happened then I’ll cry all day, mostly because I’m tired but can’t seem to close my eyes.  

 Then finally there’ll be some ease. I’ll be ok for awhile, a few weeks, maybe a year, and then I’ll remember something and the process will begin again.  You see…

I let go of you long ago with my my arms, it’s my heart that’s still holding you…..


The Poet’s Abscission* – Poetry from the Inkwell

during the poet’s
Autumnal Equinox –
oblivious to the natural
order of seasons –
like leaves
are told it’s time
to let go
and like the tree in autumn
the mind severs and
pushes each unique thought
away from the branches
that gave birth to them
sending them on a new path
to become inspiration
for new growth

*Abscission is the process carried out by trees when it’s time to drop leaves in autumn, forcing them from the branches. It also pertains to ripe fruits and to creatures that sever appendages to evade predators (lobster, rat, etc.).

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018


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