The Beginning of the End – Athina Merkouris

Love begins with subtle persuasion, like a gentle feather stroke

Along your spine tingles caressed, as butterfly whispers spoke

With naive eyes you took a glance into the radiant light

A magic spell took hold of your heart and dreams danced until midnight

The beginning of the end, shook the world beneath your feet

As fire and ice went to war with the heat

When you woke from the hurricane that tossed you in the burning flame

The screams of sorrow echoed calling out your name

From a spiral staircase your wings fell to the ground

The shattering of a beautiful soul, leaving a crushing sound

Torn to shreds and smithereens by fragile, crumpled bones

Borrowing time from yesterday, paying from blood spilled loans

The end is haunting, it will leave you hollow

To begin again, there is always tomorrow



Athina Merkouris ~ ©

Athina has been writing rhyming poetry since she was 16, (she is 48 now). She started Poet Tree 5 years ago with Helen Eleni as a way to connect with other writers and share their poems. She lives in Western Australia and she is a fashion designer and runs a home based cooking business.


Poet Tree – Athina writes poems here with two other writers: Helen Eleni and Vikki Turner.


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