Swear To You – Nicholas Gagnier ft. Kristiana Reed


For Anthology Tuesday we are sharing a piece from Nicholas Gagnier’s recently released anthology which shares his story of survival and self acceptance. Alongside Gagnier, there is an array of talented writers who have gifted readers with their stories too.

Swear To You

Last time, I made you swear always to be honest, always be a shoulder. Another for the books, and we’re another year older. And now you’re the one in flux and fresh out of fucks to give. It took almost killing you to remember how to live.

But I swear to you, as you once did for me; there aren’t enough curse words in my linguistic universe to tell you,

but I would need every one.

Here lies my promise in every shade of blue and red you can assign to my blood;

my promise that no matter what we do, what we say or where we go,

I swear to you

I’ll fight for your eyes and your smile long after every bone is broken and my eyes are swollen,

the blood of my promise

dripping from a toothless jaw.

Even if I cannot vow forever or that some days I will wish you were never born,

the love I hold for you, be you stranger or lover will always be stronger than any storm those murderous meteorologists

could ever predict.

And I swear to you, whether sealed by

blood or kiss, one day there’ll be

more to this

endless tryst with final forms,

but yet your

evolution may never


I swear to be your everything,

at least until



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