Sunday Best: Start. Stop. And Begin.

Enjoy our top three responses to this week’s writing prompt.


Candice Daquin

Start. Stop. And Begin.

Oxy on the street

Morons in the windows

Contra down the alleyway

Dicks in dresses, dresses in dicks

Everything is and isn’t

Start. Stop. And Begin

Fast Spin. Gentle Cycle

Here is the rabbit hole

climb on in.


Disruption (inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert) – Grace Graham

Big magic

Erupts in my soul.

The idea catches


Pushing wheels in my mind.

Like tires trying to trudge through tar,

I’m only stuck if I don’t start.

Crazed little girl,

Careful where you tread,

Red lights and patterned flags

Warning me

Too little sleep and too much dreaming…

Burning candles give birth to

A heavy black coating in the air

“Don’t burn out” they whisper

Brand new city and

Worn old body

Meet for the first time

I learn

Disrupting the normal

Is the only way to

Begin the divine.


Abhi Champ

I am about to start doing the little things,

then I stopped for while

and I begin to smile.

I don’t know why?

Inside my mind,

I keep doing the things on rewind

then i started swallowing the moments inside my throat

and I begin to choke.

I don’t know why?

Wake Up!

When I wake up before the sunrise,

I start to realise,

that the time has been thrown like enemy’s dice

and I begin to sacrifice.

And finally when I started doing the things,

I just failed at everything.

Time made me feel like a stop

and then I begin to look at the clock.


There were many wonderful responses this week. We look forward to your responses to January’s second writing prompt, next Thursday. 


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