Beginner’s Heart – John Biscello


I have spent

so many years


and outlining

and mapping out fractures,

a pirate osteopath

with a cartographer’s bent,

and now, galvanizing

a mutiny meant to take me

out into uncharted waters,

I see how beautiful

and necessary it is

to sire oneself,

to become king to your own sovereign majesty,

queen to your own indigenous wilds,

child to your own supple wonderscape,

how the Soul,

captaining its own plight

and gambit,

forces you to confront

the countless break-ups,


and unrequited love affairs

you’ve had with your self,

multitudes untethered

and adrift in gloam,

but now, your Soul says,

is an opportunity for nuptials

of ancient-newness, a crystallization

that will show you how the future

was never anything more

than a latent ember

awaiting the divinest spark.



Originally from Brooklyn, NY, author, poet, playwright and performer, John Biscello has lived in Taos, NM since 2001. He is the author of three novels: Broken Land, a Brooklyn TaleRaking the Dust, and Nocturne Variations, and a collection of stories, Freeze Tag. His debut poetry collection, Arclight, is scheduled for a February 2019 publication (Indie Blue Publishing). His work can be found on his blog/website (, and more info on his books on his Amazon author page ( 


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