Cycles – John W. Leys


The darkness only lasts

Until the dawn,

Storm clouds are

Eventually split 

By the heat of the sun.


The light in the tunnel

Isn’t always a train,

Even the driest deserts

Can be baptized by the rain


Searing hot

Summer sun sets

Into the cool comfort

Of the nighttime breeze,

Fallen fruits

Rot on the ground

Giving birth to mighty trees.


Pleasant or foul,

Neither will long last,

Time flows forever forward,

The future becoming the past.




John W. Leys is an indie poet/author from Redmond, Oregon. He currently posts his work on his blog Darkness of His Dreams, which he started in 2016. John has been writing poetry since he was 14 years old and has had his work published in a variety of small publications, including Omnibus—the literary journal of the University of South Florida, and Byronmania—a now defunct online journal dedicated to the life and works of Lord Byron. He is a contributor to Blood into Ink and has been a frequent guest contributor to the GoDogGo Cafe, and is one of the poets featured in Nicholas Gagnier’s upcoming book All the Lonely People. He is currently working on publishing his first book of poetry.






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