Ghost Car Motorcade – Nicholas Gagnier


i’m lead car in a haunted motorcade, bulletproof but life’s been dropping IEDs, road bomb reminiscence I still can’t help but see through rose-coloured glasses, as my time here occurs in flashes and bleeds, one dream into the other.



ghosts formed

a brotherhood,

and until I become

one of them

for good,


i’m driving limousines through backwater neighbourhoods at their behest, looking for beautiful places to wander and bless with eventual inevitabilities,


killing the meantime

painting villains like

the ones right in front of me

and building up the heroes

who would

topple them

if I was God in this universe,

and allowed no kind of church in

my name




I arrange my happy face

and struggle all day

to make that ghost

car motorcade seem

in transit

until I come home

and take advantage of momentum

in universes I meant it

be achieved


at the

end, I’m an optimist

all these empty promises

have silver linings

or hollow point


none of our

dreams are coming true


all i have to say to you is,

keep the faith, my darling


all these ghosts follow you

for reasons


Nicholas Gagnier is the author of LEONARD THE LIAR, FOUNDING FATHERS and the creator of Free Verse Revolution. 

Nicholas is also a mental health advocate, author of several poetry books and an avid reader. 

You can read more of his work at Blank Paper Press and Free Verse Revolution


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