Saturday Best: Insatiable

Our Free Thought Thursday writing prompt this week was Insatiable. Every week we will share the top three responses to our prompt; taken from WordPress and Facebook.  Enjoy!


Insatiable – L.E.

He seduced her mind
before her body.
He painted her a picture,
of two souls becoming one.
Fingers dancing upon bare flesh,
soft moans and guttural cries.
He sketched her sweet mouth;
his words giving rise to
a dirty tongued little blasphemer.
He plied her heart with
the music of the insatiable.
She his nymph and he her centaur.


Insatiable – L. Stevens

lurking inside me

an insatiable demon

fuelling all my fears


Supplication – Megha Sood

You leave me somewhere between the
pleasure and pain
between dreams and reality
the moment you bite your lip
and moans deeply
and leaves me with that aching
it feels so surreal
I feel so alive

You leave me somewhere between the
heaven and the hell
when the sweet pain
my body bears and
you still leave me
wanting more
it feels so ephemeral
a beauty undefined

You leave me somewhere
between the pain and the passion
when the knots embracing
my love
and tying you strongly
with passion
till you give in completely and
falls back in my arms
oh! such a sweet surrender
a touch so benign

You leave me somewhere between the
sinner and the divine
when your fingers map out the
beauty etched in our bodies
they sing the
sweet rhapsody of life
Oh! so divine

You leave me somewhere between the
past and present
dangling at the moment
ready to resurrected
back to life
with your Midas touch
oh! it feels so sublime

You leave me somewhere
between my dreams and desire
when your fleeting touch
turns a pariah into divine
your presence is
the sustenance of my soul
to drag me through this reality
one more time.

A supplication I made
for you to be mine.


Thank you to the above writers who responded to our last Desire prompt. On Monday, December’s theme will be revealed so tune in for next Thursday’s prompt!


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