Cleansed – The Mush from the Hill


I look

Up at the sky wanting to jump in

Astral project

Into the clear blue ocean above me

Head first

The cooling breeze soothes my soul

I float

In the currents of air, surfing with Sylphs

On high

My body is washed of all earthly grime

I’m cleansed

My head clears from life’s stress

Life’s angst


I feel whole

I feel Complete

I am relaxed

I am happy

I’m content to just be


Copyright © JRFC July 2018  

John is a Welsh poet from South Wales. He gets inspiration from many of life’s moments with a whole load of imaginative nightmares and daydreams thrown in to spice things up a little. You can read more of John’s work at The Mush from the Hill.

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