“Swear To Me” Releases October 24th


Swear to Me, the spiritual successor to Ground Zero, will release as a physical book October 24th through Amazon.

It will feature twelve to fifteen brand new works from me, as well as guest writers from around the world.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered to this project. You are still able to submit your own work to freeverserevolution@gmail.com until September 10th. All contributors will be able to purchase the book at cost (usually two to three dollars) with a discount code generated through Amazon.

The proceeds will go toward the relaunch of my old mental health project Good Morning Bedtime Story, a writing initiative for at-risk youth. As I said in a previous post, while I had intended to donate the last book’s profits to charity, it was actually really difficult to find a charity who would accept it.

With that said, GMBS was a project founded to commemorate our friend Michelle, and with mental health back in my sights, there is no better time to bring it back, and give it a real chance at success. If everything goes well, GMBS will relaunch in early 2018 under a new banner and name.

The first of two pre-release excerpts, “Wards” will release September 1st on this site.



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