It’s been quite a busy summer for me, but I’ll try to keep this short. My forthcoming anthology was nixed, and I’ve been actually working on a novel for the first time in nearly eight years. I will be talking about that more in the future.

I have spoken at length about mental health, which is something I used to champion a lot more, back in my early days of blogging.

I killed my next anthology, yes, but only to make room for another. If you haven’t picked up my 2013 book, Ground Zero, it basically brought several writers together to explore mental health. It’s super cheap on Amazon and features some remarkable writers. It was a huge privilege to work with all of them, and to that end, I would like to repeat the experience.

Starting today, you can submit your poetry and writing about mental health to, to be included in “Swear to Me”. Please include your name, pseudonym if applicable, and writing inline (no attachments, please.) If you are visually inclined, you are welcome to submit artwork that may become the book’s cover. You will be given full credit, and your work remains your sole property.

My intention with Ground Zero was- had I sold enough- to donate it to a Canadian charity that supports mental health. Alas, that plan did not come to fruition, so I won’t promise such this time. But it is a chance to bring talented writers together, raising awareness for a solid cause.

I will have more information about a release date soon, which should be in the fall or just before Christmas. I look forward to seeing your submissions and talking with its creators.


18 thoughts on “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “Swear to Me”

    1. I typically don’t sell my work, often giving it away for free. My last four chapbooks were released on this site for no charge. I don’t do this for the money; if I did, I would write novels. I have not decided on a price for this collection, but it would be barely more than what it costs to produce the book.

      This argument is in no way meant to change your mind. As a writer, I understand people want to be paid their worth. The bulk of the content is written by me, and is open to those who wish to submit to a topic that often goes unaddressed.



  1. Nicholas- 13 other writers and I wrote a tribute poem about depression after Chester Bennington’s death. Is this something you would consider? It hasn’t been published anywhere else but it may take me some time to hear back from all the writers about their willingness to have this published in the anthology. It is. . . intense.


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