Dance like no one’s watching you
constantly botching rhythm,
chaotic precision to which
euphoria can’t compare.

Freedom can’t be austere or
it’s not freedom, just
tyranny with breathing
room to spare.

An affair with dead currents
between oxygen’s puritans and
four walls they share,
the laissez-faire of curtains

by winds which
disapprove of static air.

Dance like no one’s watching even if
thousands of eyes stare, if
only to inspire your phantoms,
working in tandem to return

ballerinas to
their beats, poets
to importance,
legends to their peaks.

Love like none will feel it
because that only expands its reach.

Put your passion back
into action,
pull that lady on
her feet.

You are her rock, she is your mountain;
always her landslide, she the avalanche of pounding heels.

Dance like the world needs
you to, love;

just let me know when to lead.


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