Waiting on a War (2016)

Waiting on a war between
my heart
and mind
where I’m told
it’s time to
put down all these mountains
that I’ve climbed,

ascend unto something else.

Awaiting the straw that breaks
the camel’s back,
first contact with
self-fulfilling prophecy,
declawing our odyssey
that thinks it
has jaws which
bite the world in half.

Looking at
bombs that
could obliterate the facts,
truce between
human nature and its habitat.

All my red flags are
looking to the past telling us what
not to do,

for hapless holocausts
have no place in hope.

Handed just enough rope to hang ourselves,
I choose to tether
grace to
this censured

If there’s a
future left, let it be
love and no bias,
a kiss free
of sirens,
knowledge without
the violence of
unspent casings.

Waiting on a war between
breakups and
theatres of my making
and razed republics,

when the
only judgement I ever
wanted to
face was

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