Homeward Legend

Heart on your sleeve, wearing grief out
in the open is not your weakness, girl.

In this self-conceited kingdom,
where sunsets are
exploitable and self-worth
avoidable, there’s some
testament to your willpower
outside bottles and cheap pills;
something poetic underneath
a stoic struggle.

When you can pick through the rubble and
still find a flower, life that should’ve been
devoured under crushing weight,
you were meant for something
more than falling apart; you just
learned to absorb adversity.

When you can piece your
heart together despite its missing
it means your arc is not finished,
defeat not in the cards quite

Come, write a journey with me,
you’re a legend among
love letters, an
investor in our
something better to aspire to,
so much work to be done before
anyone needs to
your role has


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