The Infrastructure of Anger

I helped anger build a wall, a nation’s length and five kilometres tall.
Lugging bricks in a wheelbarrow to where lines in compassion were drawn,
and a border of brawn would loom.

I conscripted those intended to be outlawed at a later date,
arbitrarily assigned binary identity,
one and zeros of the

human interface.

I had insecurity deface Heaven and man its gates, fully armed.
I sought to expel agents of Hell but only found them in myself,
character assassins in wait.

I let bitterness be barbed wire, self-preservation’s snipers
repel children just like mine,
supremacy’s sirens poison south horizons with

the sound of divide.

I let vindictiveness fly like vultures, culture of fear circling
overhead, picking on the corpses
dead suns hold
in duress.


4 thoughts on “The Infrastructure of Anger

  1. Truly powerful !! I am not mature enough to understand all the emotions you put into this but I definitely gained quite a lot of understanding of my own nature when I am angry (which is most of the time in a day XD )

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