Bedtime Stories (2016)

Tell me a story,

Do you want a
happy one or scary?

Maybe a touch of both?

Tell me about the ghosts so I can feel unfinished but leave out how
close they came to

Tell me about
the terror, realizing the
error of old ways,
but don’t
describe their
faces, please;

you always seem to haunt me

Tell me the story, Daddy,
ones of frogs concealing crowns,
mad queens who would have
them pushed even

further down.

Tell me about the
dragons, but make fire’s
fragrance sweeter off
their breath.

An Atreyu
at best, but no worse than Smaug.

Make me the princess trying to save
something too far

a hand drawn

heroine all my friends will want to

But end it on a sweet note,
never with regrets.

Tell me
a fairy tale, Dad, but leave out the
damsel in

I would if you’d stop interrupting,
God, we haven’t even started yet.


4 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories (2016)

  1. I loved the whole poem but am not able to describe what I felt after reading this in words .
    I especially loved the verse
    ‘Tell me
    a fairy tale,
    Dad, but leave out the
    damsel in
    Simply brilliant.
    Looking forward to more 🙂
    To be honest I really wouldn’t have found your blog if you hadn’t liked the poem I just posted so I kinda feel like I found a hidden gem in the blogging world XD
    Undaunted Aqua |

    Liked by 3 people

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