Temporary Forever

Hey, car crash human,
I’ve sat here and watched all
your fuses blown.

Oh, how darkness
has grown over your fire stone house,
wrapped you up on the couch
like vines,
kissing you
goodnight with fingernail branches,
praising technological advances of
remaining static.

There’s a shock to every mattress,
one night stands in every
intergalactic thought, same way you
wake to another body gone, her hair clogging
the washroom sink but she couldn’t
fawn over
you one second longer.

Hey, natural disaster,
collateral damage,

Thick as thieves until
we weren’t, bodies entwined in the
worst possible combinations, the ones
you remember most but
matter least in the span of
our time

a temporary forever
not worth
the second glance.

Yeah, well, my
phantoms are a
game of chance in

shan’t reconcile
through trial-by-fire,
because the flames required
just ain’t lit
enough to live in
my carbon copy of Hell and

make no promise to keep you warm

Hey, gentle
emergency, my wake of debris is
felt but never named.

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