The Anti Villain

Learning to excel in fluctuating
circles of Hell.

Think God might’ve brought
me here but
it’s too early to tell.

All the spells I fell under, young, have worn off like cologne and all
the places I called home are tainted by hubris.

Why do I feel like the lunatic wanting to leave the crazy ones behind?

Why was I billed
as your villain
ancillary to
evil is
merely a matter
of degrees)
when I only
tried to save the
world between our sheets?

I could admit defeat so many times over, but it would
bring us no closer,
only to coordinates
I felt too important
to speak.

But that’s
the delusion, the
abusive caveat;

there’s no roadmap to co-existence if you’re circling the same street infinitely.

There are no feats in accepting misery as status quo,
but whereever your wayward heart may go,

mine is
sure to follow suit.


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